About the center

Leading R&D in Wireless Systems

Wireless@kth – a leading research center in the area of wireless communications. It is an interdisciplinary research center that connects more than 50 researchers in the areas of radio-, data- and telecommunications, with researchers focused on mobile services, devices and tele-economics. The center is strongly supported by the VINNOVA Industry Excellence initiative.

Since the founding of the Center year 2001, Wireless@kth has played an important role in the Swedish innovation system, serving as a platform for more than 20 larger international projects in collaboration with industry, supported by the EU Frame programs and EIT ICT Labs, Vinnova and SSF. During the last years of operation the Vinnova Industry Excellence Center and the Vinnova Innovation Project pilot has brought momentum to the actvities. Through these projects, Wireless@kth anchors its main partners, Ericsson’s and TeliaSonera’s, research to Kista at the same time as it connects KTH to a network of international industry.

Top notch research

The center has initiated and executed more than 50 small projects, exploring industrial needs including Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME). treating relevant research questions and thus supporting and building KTH’s strategic research area in ICT. In addition the center connects KTH with the ongoing research activities at the Stockholm School of Economics, Defense Research as well as the Swedish regulator PTS.

Strategic location in Kista – “the Mobile Valley”

The center is also a portal for industry contacts in Wireless and regularly hosts workshops and international conferences such as the Johannesberg Summit as well as the open weekly Wireless Friday seminars in Kista. Wireless@kth is closely connected to several international networks e.g. “World Wireless Research Forum” (WWRF), the “Next Generation Mobile Networks” alliance (NGMN) as well as 3GPP, ETSI, GSMA, IEEE, URSI and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences through SNRV and NRS.

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