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Mats Nilsson, Biplab Sikdar och Anders Västberg aug 2010

Mats Nilsson, Biplab Sikdar och Anders Västberg aug 2010Dr Biplab Sikdar is a visiting guest researcher at Wireless@KTH and CoS during August and September. He is at present Associate Professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA, where he also received his PhD exam 2001.

What is your purpose with visiting Wireless@KTH ?
I was motivated to come here after finding the center website www.wireless.kth.se and reading about the projects and research done here. Also I understood that the center was open to visits and contacts which made med interested in coming here in person. This year I am on a sabbatical and am using it to travel and trying to find collaboration opportunities with leading projects and persons in the same area.

Green networks joint research interest
My main research is in the areas of Computer Communication Networks: Protocols and Performance, Wireless MAC Protocols, Body area networks and information processing in embedded systems and Network Security. At the center I have discussed a project on Green networks, carried out by Anders Västberg och Mats Nilsson. We will try to formulate an approach, a definition of the problem for our further collaboration.

Seminar presentation on Energy Harvesting
The Wireless@KTH center asks visiting researchers to make a presentation for fellow researchers, students and interested partners, in order to share knowledge, germinate ideas and evolve innovative concepts for tomorrow’s wireless systems.

Mr Biplab Sikdar spoke about energy harvesting as a promising solution for overcoming the limitations of current battery technology. However, to improve the performance of energy harvesting sensor networks to a level that can be widely adopted, progress needs to be made both in energy harvesting techniques and communication protocols.

Further contact and information
If you are interested in this area of research you are welcome to contact the Wireless center, send an email to wireless@kth.se. On the website you can also read more about the specific research areas, the researchers and projects, such as eWin, QUASAR, AWBA, MODyS.

For more information about Dr Biplab Sikdar and contact with him see his personal webpage at: http://networks.ecse.rpi.edu/~bsikdar/

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