More Korean-Swedish exchange on radio resource allocation

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Prof Dongwoo Kim has been in Sweden several times. In 2007 he spent a year as guest professor at KTH and in 2008 he visited again for a month in the summer. For the third time he recently visited Wireless@KTH since his research area is very close to that of the, Professor  Jens Zander, director of Wireless@KTH.

– I worked for many years on my thesis which was founded on Prof Zander’s work and we had several transactions over a ten year period before we actually met. I wanted to come here and so I sent a letter asking if it was possible to visit. I was in the position to choose between going to Harvard or KTH but I came here because the aspects or resource allocation interested me more than the deeper technical or physical aspects that the American research was focused on.

– Due to the rapid increase in the number of wireless mobile subscribers and their demands for high-speed multimedia communications, efficient spectrum or radio resource management is of great importance. The primary intent of my research is to provide the efficiency in design and implementation of wireless communication systems or networks.

Professor Dongwoo Kim held a presentation to fellow researchers and Ph D students at Wireless@KTH, introducing some new terminology that his group at WNL (Wireless Network Lab) work with, such as “sub-sharing” and “protocol diversity”.  He called for any collaboration from members in RCS for this topic. It attracted interest from Ph D student Pietro Lungaro at Wireless@KTH who will maybe work closer on this subject in the future.

Further information about Professor Dongwoo Kim, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Hanyang University  and his research, see his personal webpage in English:





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