Book release: Promoting New Telecom Infrastructures

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Promoting New Telecom Infrastructures
Markets, Policies and Pricing

This book, edited by Morten Falch, Center for Communication Media and Information Technology (CMI), Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark and Jan Markendahl, Wireless@KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, is of interest to academics and researchers of telecommunications policy, innovation and technology studies, as well as those concerned with regulation and governance.

Promoting New Telecom Infrastructures examines how current telecom infrastructures are transforming from dedicated networks supporting either voice, data or broadcasting services to converged networks that support a wide variety of communication services, often denoted as Next Generation Networks (NGN).

A current key challenge is therefore to define strategies, which can stimulate demand and investments in NGN in order to ensure development of adequate information infrastructures. With contributions from leading authorities in the field, this innovative book explores the three key themes related to this challenge and to strategies for the stimulation of demand and supply for NGN: strategies for expansion of broadband, pricing in NGN and development and pricing of mobile services.

The book is available via Edward Elgar Publishing,

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