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Mr Mobile passes away

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ostenmWe were devastated to learn that Östen Mäkitalo suddenly passed away on Thursday June 16th at the age of 73. He was recuperating from a heart condition and was supposed to be back at the office shortly  when his heart failed him again. In Scandinavia he was well known as  the “father of Mobile Telephony”.  Since his retirement from head of research and CTO of Telia Sonera, his has been a part time guest professor at Wireless@KTH since 2006.   He has over the years been an inspiration to us all – sharing his vast experience in both the technical as well as in the business domain. We miss you, Östen!


The focus of the current  call  was to find seed projects that open new collaborations with industry partners. The Wireless@KTH Board on June 7th decided to fund the following Projects:

claesbeckman Ascom_logo




“Radio System Requirements for supplying Onboard Broadband Passenger Internet on Trains using Multiple Antennas and Repeater Systems in LTE-Advance”.

Project leader: Claes Beckman, KTH/ICT Per Zetterberg, KTH/EES
Funding: 500 000 SEK. (Cooperation with Icomera, Laird, Delta Node and Ascom)

janmarkendahl Payex_logo  “Operator driven mobile payment services”,

Project Leaders:   Jan Markendahl, KTH/ICT, Niklas Arvidsson KTH/CEFIN
Funding: 400 000 SEK.
(Cooperation with PayEx)

PerAndersson GD_logo “Trusted Service Management for a Multitude of Multitudes (TSM MoM)

Project Leaders: Jan Markendahl KTH/ICT, Per Andersson, SSE,
Funding: 500 000 SEK.
(Cooperation with G&D)

zary_segall philips_logo  “mobiSLIM-“Light as a mobile Service” a M2M Infrastructure Application for Unprecedented User Experience”,

Project Leader: Zary Segall, KTH/ICT
Funding: 500 000 SEK.
(Cooperation with ICTLabs & Philips)