Seed project funding 2011/1 Decided

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The focus of the current  call  was to find seed projects that open new collaborations with industry partners. The Wireless@KTH Board on June 7th decided to fund the following Projects:

claesbeckman Ascom_logo




“Radio System Requirements for supplying Onboard Broadband Passenger Internet on Trains using Multiple Antennas and Repeater Systems in LTE-Advance”.

Project leader: Claes Beckman, KTH/ICT Per Zetterberg, KTH/EES
Funding: 500 000 SEK. (Cooperation with Icomera, Laird, Delta Node and Ascom)

janmarkendahl Payex_logo  “Operator driven mobile payment services”,

Project Leaders:   Jan Markendahl, KTH/ICT, Niklas Arvidsson KTH/CEFIN
Funding: 400 000 SEK.
(Cooperation with PayEx)

PerAndersson GD_logo “Trusted Service Management for a Multitude of Multitudes (TSM MoM)

Project Leaders: Jan Markendahl KTH/ICT, Per Andersson, SSE,
Funding: 500 000 SEK.
(Cooperation with G&D)

zary_segall philips_logo  “mobiSLIM-“Light as a mobile Service” a M2M Infrastructure Application for Unprecedented User Experience”,

Project Leader: Zary Segall, KTH/ICT
Funding: 500 000 SEK.
(Cooperation with ICTLabs & Philips)


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