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ChipComputer Sweden, Aug 30: “He gets his students to surpass themselves”
In an article in Computer Sweden Chip Maguire is asked whether Kista is still the place to be in the age of Android versus Iphone.
– I have had 170 Master students in one single course. Good students. That is not the case anywhere else.

One question in the article is if the students today have poorer qualifications when entering higher education. To Chip Maguire it does not really matter. He gives them a task which they think that they can’t solve and then, suddenly, they have built a device and it works!

Two of his former students have made major contributions to the further development of Wireless Communications. Almost twenty years ago he supervised John  Ioannidis who did the pioneering development of Mobile IP, and another student is Joseph Mitola III, who in collaboration with Chip Maguire coined the term ”cognitive radio”.

The future is in sensors
Some ten years ago Chip Maguire, his colleague Mark Smith and their students experimented with so called smart badges. The problem then was that there were no sensors to communicate with. Today, with the extensive use of smart phones this area is of interest again but there is still not a lot of sensors around. So this is what Chip Maguire and his students focus on now. The smart home will require small, cheap and energy efficient sensors. Chip Maguire would like to see sensor systems that adapts to where people are, if they are active or not etc, with the vision of saving energy on a large scale.

This is an English edited summary of an article published by Anders Lotsson, CS in Swedish,. Click here to read the original text