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wireless_capacityWireless communication has exploded during the last two decades and today there are more than five billion mobile phone users around the Globe. However, much thanks to the introduction of smart phones, such as iPhones, mobile applications such as Facebook and Youtube, the number of mobile broadband users is expected to surpass one billion before the end of 2011.

Still we are just at the beginning of the wireless revolution. The industry believes that within the next decade the internet of things will take off and that before 2020 there will be some 50bilion “things” connected to the internet, most of them wirelessly. An example of such a system is the Smart Grid that describes the next-generation electrical power system that is built on the increased use of communications and information technology in the future generation, delivery and consumption of electrical energy.

Course Description
This course gives an overview of the basic radio technologies and systems deployed today in order to support this exploding demand for wireless communications. It also provides an overview of the applications and new services that drive the development of mobile broadband. In particular the course examines the various wireless standards used for voice, such as GSM, as well as the ones used for mobile data, including 3G, WiFi, WiMax, HSPA and 4G/LTE. Finally the course reviews some of the various applications that wireless communications can and may support, including apps for mobile broadband and machine-to-machine communications.

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Last registration date is November 11.