What next in the Mobile industry?

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antenna tower

antenna towerThe Nordic countries were early in developing and using mobile communication. Ericsson and Nokia had leading roles in the world market but have since then lost these positions. What will be the next turning point?

– The Nordic telecom companies  had a great advantage of being first movers in the development of mobile communications  according to Bengt Mölleryd, a Telecom Analyst and Researcher at PTS ( Swedish Post and Telecommunications Board) and at Wireless@KTH,in an article in Svenska Dagbladet October 23, 2011.

But as mobile communication has become a global phonemna in conjuction with the emergence of a competitive Asian industry in the area and the advancement of the Apple and other IT firms the Nordic dominance have been eroded. Moreover, operators are facing the risk of gradually becoming mere access providers as  Google, Apple, Facebook are driving traffic and establishing its self as preferred suppliers of content and services to the end customer. This is challenging operators position as they are potentially risking to become just bit byte providers.

Ultimately this could have repurcastions on the operator business: Bengt Mölleryd is pointing to the fact that we may have a situation in a couple of years with a single national network in each country. However, it has always been difficult to foresee the future of the telcom market that is so volatile and ever changing.
– Every time we think the industry has reached a mature and stable phase, there is some factor that pops up and changes everything again…. At the moment there is just talk about the smart phones, but that will soon change…

Read the entire article (in Swedish only) by Thomas Augustsson at the SvD website

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