Wireless new management and strategy launch

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robot-hiWireless @KTH fit for the future with support from Vinnova
– launch of new management and new strategy focusing on Innovation

Vinnova has decided to continue their financial support to the Center for Wireless Systems, Wireless@KTH, which now launches a long-term strategy focusing on the innovation system and the exploration of new areas of research that can strengthen Swedish industry. In preparation for “the Tera Age”, Wireless@KTH invites more industrial partners in new markets and intensifies their role as meeting place and organizer of workshops, seminars and international conferences.

The Center is also strengthen by new management – Jens Zander continues to ensure the leading research competence at Wireless@KTH, as its scientific leader, and the first Centre Director, Claes Beckman, returns in the position as chief executive officer.

– We want to increase the number of industrial partners involved in the Center and invite SMEs and companies active in other markets than the mobile industry, says Claes Beckman. Wireless communication has today become an enabler for other markets, where we have already established interesting projects for e.g. mobile payments, security and M2M infrastructure development. Together with innovation oriented SMEs, our core partners and in synergy with EIT ICT Labs and the Swedish innovation system, we will have a strong focus on Innovation in the years ahead.

– A paradigm shift has already started to happen in the Wireless industry and will have a significant impact on the research-development-business over the next 10 years, says Jens Zander. In the infrastructure domain, one of the problems for the wireless industry is the dramatically increasing decoupling of traffic and revenues. With the introduction of (virtually) flat rate Mobile Broadband services the traffic volumes have been growing rapidly, whereas the revenues have increased only modestly. The “Tera Age” will not only require new technical solutions – the challenges are also in understanding new user patterns and behavior.

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