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Mats Karlsson and Martin Bergek, both founders of Icomera AB, a partner to Wireless@KTH, received TeliaSonera’s award for entrepreneurship in memory of Östen Mäkitalo at a ceremony at IVA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences) on May 2, 2012.

The technical innovation that is the basis of Icomera’s business is a patented solution for wireless communication. Many of the thoughts behind the solution are reflections of the work that Östen Mäkitalo carried out as head of technology at TeliaSonera.

SetWidth60-matskarlsson– By combining different wireless networks we can offer higher bandwidth, greater coverage and ensure that users always get the best connectivity, explains Mats Karlsson. And with a volume based pricing of mobile data it will not be more expensive if you divide the data over multiple modems. The idea may seem obvious today but it was far from obvious back in 1998 when people still used old modems to connect to the Internet from their kitchen tables and hotel rooms.

martin-bergekIcomera created an entirely new industry when they provided Internet on high speed trains between the Scandinavian capitals in 2002. Today, Internet for passengers is a natural function in both new and old trains and studies consistently show that the ability to work in an effective way while traveling is attracting passengers from other, less sustainable, modes of transportation.

Since 2006, Icomera has had collaborations with KTH through Claes Beckman, Director of Wireless@KTH. Most recently Icomera and Wireless@KTH have conducted a joint project, Internet of Trains, on antenna systems for trains in 4G in order to considerably boost the data throughput to trains. The project has been very successful and e.g. resulted in a granted project application to Vinnova “Forska&Väx” for the development of a new product.