Breakthrough of mobile payments in Sweden – still some ways to go

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Today, using your mobile phone to pay for something is not that common in Sweden. Although there are several pilot projects out there, including one with the four major operators Telenor, Tele2, Telia and 3 (WyWallet), there is yet no dominant actor in this market.

Niklas Arvidsson, KTH and Jan Markendahl, Wireless@KTH, both researchers within this area, contribute this to several factors: “There is no urgent neeed for new mobile payment solutions. Swedish people are happy to use their credit cards and have a difficult time seeing the advantage with mobile payments”, says Jan Markendahl. Niklas Arvidsson also concludes that the new mobile payment solutions need to compete with credit card ditos, when it comes to speed, price, accessibility and security, but finds it very exciting to see where the industry is heading.

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