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Wireless Invitational ’13

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Monday August 19 Wireless@kth arranged the popular, annual partner event Wireless Invitational – a golf competition at Wäsby golfklubb. Besides the big competition for handicap players, partners and researchers without a green card received basic instructions and then played a team scramble competition at the six hole course. Clear blue skies and sun made for a wonderful day amongst the greens and fairways, though some players were more content with their results than others…

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Presented at: 12th International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB2013), Berlin, Germany, June 2013; and the 2nd Cashless Society Roundtable, Dublin, Ireland, April 2013.

Researcher: Tatjana Apanasevic.

Abstract: Multi-functionality of smart mobile devices is continuously being enhanced demonstrating new capabilities for mobile service application areas. The Near Field Communication (NFC) technology implemented on the base of contemporary mobile handsets can provide considerable benefits to end-users. Indeed, range of areas where it could be applied is very wide, including contactless payment, mobile ticketing, client loyalty applications, smart advertisement applications, physical and logical access, and other functionalities.
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