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Presented at: Proc. IEEE PIMRC, London, UK, Sep. 8-11, 2013

Wireless@kth researcher: Ki Won Sung

Abstract: Wireless data traffic has grown substantially and is expected to further increase in the coming years. Considering that 80% of the traffic will be generated indoors, it is important to investigate better ways of providing indoor capacity. Access to sufficient radio spectrum is one of the most important requirements for the indoor capacity provisioning.

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Presented at: In Proceedings of GROWN’2013, in conjunction with the 9th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob 2013), Lyon, France, 7 October 2013.

Researcher: Cicek Cavdar

Abstract: In 2020, mobile access networks will experience significant challenges as compared to the situation of today. Traffic volumes are expected to increase 1000 times, and the number of connected devices will be 10-100 times higher than today in a networked society with unconstrained access to information and sharing of data available anywhere and anytime to anyone and anything. One of the big challenges is to provide this 1000-fold capacity increase to billions of devices in an affordable and sustainable way. Low energy consumption is the key to achieve this.

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Presented at: 5th International Workshop on Reliable Networks Design and Modeling(RNDM), Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 10-12, 2013.

Researchers: Cicek Cavdar and Aras Tarhan.

Abstract: Recently, the Internet traffic demand has been rising up by approximately 40% every year, corresponding to the doubling of the demand every two years. Furthermore, it is very likely that this trend will continue due to the massively increasing use of Internet services such as Video on Demand (VoD), high definition Internet Protocol (IP) TV, cloud computing and grid applications requiring high amount of data rate.

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Seed project call 13/02 open

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The call for seed project proposals, the second in 2013, is now open. You will find all details in the official Call for proposals. Extended deadline is November 18,  2013 at 09.00.

The applications should be short and not exceed 3-4 A4 pages outlining the project scope, objectives and how these relate to the research program. Further, the research approach, staffing (incl. GST doctoral students, if any) and intended financing should be addressed. During the evaluation process, additional information may be requested from some of the proposers.

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Contact Jenny Minnema, 08-790 44 44 or

Presented at: IEEE PIMRC, London, UK, Sep. 2013.

Researcher: Du Ho Kang

Abstract: Most of currently deployed Wi-Fi networks use the IEEE 802.11b/g standard and operate in 2.4 GHz ISM band. As mobile traffic demand rapidly increases, significant Wi-Fi deployment in the still very lightly used 5 GHz band is anticipated. In combination with the recent PHY amendments, e.g., 802.11ac, such Wi-Fi in many settings emerges as a strong competitor to small cellular deployment.

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