Call for workshop papers – Workshop on M2M solutions and services

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Call for workshop papers – Workshop on M2M solutions and services: Scalability, cost, traffic mix aspects of M2M communications

A Workshop organized in conjunction with the International Conference on Telecommunications 2014, 5 – 7 May 2014, Lisbon


Submission deadline: March 20, 2014

Submission link: EDAS


M2M communications refer to the automated exchange of data among autonomous devices, without human intervention. Forecasts agree on the fact that M2M will constitute and important element of 5G. But nowadays, there is a market of “Internet-of-Things” that is very much fragmented and stove-oriented. There are global initiatives to foster a change in the market by providing better communication support, with horizontal solution that aim at reducing entry barriers for new services.

There are technical gaps to adapt existing communication systems so they can efficiently and economically support this new type of traffic and enable long-term co-existence strategy. M2M services should be provided under different network deployment and propagation scenarios, including conditions that do not apply for traditional human-centric communications. Furthermore, sustainable business models, beyond current approaches are needed in order to provide growth and diversity.

Services related to e-Healthcare, transportation and Smart Cities could be delivered to end-users in a cost-effective and scalable manner. Partners will develop new cross-competence skills, share their unique expertise and promote partnerships towards developing cohesive solutions, with impact across the entire M2M value chain.

This call for papers includes, but is not limited to:

  • Precise implications and bottlenecks related to the co-existence of machine and human type of traffic.
  • Network scalability aspects related to large number of devices.
  • Suitability of cellular network deployments to efficiently support a mix of human and machine traffic.
  • Impact of large number of devices within a cell with different amounts of human data communications.
  • Comparison between capillary networks and wide area cellular technology.
  • Identification of technologies/methods for enabling long-range and low energy M2M communications.
  • Cost-efficient deployments of long-range solutions.
  • Business model options for M2M services to enable an evolution beyond current approaches.

Paper submissions and reviews

Paper submissions and reviews will be handled by use of EDAS. Submitted paper will be reviewed by three reviewers. All accepted papers will appear in IEEE Xplore.

Schedule for papers submissions

Submission of full paper:     March 20, 2014
Notification of acceptance:  April 10, 2014
Camera ready papers:        April 20, 2014


Andres Laya, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Associate Professor Jan Markendahl, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Organizing committee

Andrés Laya, KTH, Sweden
Dr. Sassan Iraji, Aalto University, Finland
Francesco Militano, Ericsson Research, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr. Benoit Miscopein, Orange Labs, France
Carl Wijting, Nokia Research Center, Finland
Associate Professor Jan Markendahl, KTH, Sweden

Reviewers in the Technical Program Committee (TPC)

Dr Jesús Alonso-Zarate, Head of M2M Department, CTTC, Spain
Vlad Bratu, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
Serveh Shalmashi, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
Associate Professor, James Gross, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
Assistant professor, Florin Hutu, INSA Lyon, France
Prof Jyri Hämäläinen, Communication and Networking Department, Aalto Univ, Finland
Jan Höller, Ericsson Research, Stockholm, Sweden
Prof Riku Jäntti, Communication and Networking Department, Aalto Univ, Finland
Dr. Rapeepat Ratasuk, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Arlington Heights, USA
Dr Joachim Sachs, Ericsson Research, Stockholm, Sweden
Assistant Professor Andrea Zanella, DEI, University of Padova, Italy

Call for Papers in PDF

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