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On Thursday March 27, Wireless@kth hosted their annual partner meeting, for all center founding, project and network partners.

The program contained a welcome introduction by center director Claes Beckman, a research vision by scientific director Jens Zander and brief presentations of some key projects at the center:

  1. METIS, Ki Won Sung
  2. 5GrEEn, Cicek Cavdar
  3. COSEM, Zary Segall/Pietro Lungaro
  4. M2MRISE och LTE 4 SMART ENERGY (LTE4SE), Jan Markendahl
  5. MUTANT: Multi-Tenant Access control with NFC Tokens: Carlo Pompili, Telcred and Thomas Normann, MeaWallet
  6. 5G Off Road, Mats Nilson
  7. 60 GHz bi-directional relay demonstrator, Per Zetterberg

Then followed a poster session with all of the above projects and some 10 more, where partners and fellow researchers had the chance to mingle and ask questions.

The meeting was a success with more than 60 guests from academia and industry. Discussions and networking opportunities were flowing, with the setting of the meeting on the 33rd floor of hotel Scandic Victoria Tower adding something extra special.

We thank all collaborators and partners for a great afternoon! We welcome your feedback and hope to see you at next year’s partner meeting!


The call for seed project proposals, the first in 2014, is now open. You will find all details in the official Call for proposals. Deadline is May 5,  2014 at 09.00.

The applications should be short and not exceed 3-4 A4 pages outlining the project scope, objectives and how these relate to the research program. Further, the research approach, staffing (incl. GST doctoral students, if any) and intended financing should be addressed. During the evaluation process, additional information may be requested from some of the proposers.

Please refer to:



Contact Jenny Minnema, 08-790 44 44 or