The Effects of Innovation on Business Networks

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The 30th IMP Conference 2014, 3-6 September 2014, Bordeaux, France

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Tatjana Apanasevic


An innovation has a number of effects on business networks, actors, their roles and activities. Mobile payment can serve as a good illustration of that. The main aim of the paper is to identify what kind of effect innovative mobile payment services have on business networks in retailing. Several of IMP tradition approaches have been applied for the analysis of findings: (i) actors, resources, and activities (ARA) framework was used to model business relationships, and (ii) a conceptual model for studying innovation in networks. Impact of mobile payment in the retail industry has been analyzed from the perspective of interdependency, dynamism, and variety.

As a result, the following effects of innovation can be specified:

• Introduction and deployment of innovation brings new actors and partnerships

Tatjana Apanasevic  Sep 14






• Change of roles and activities of network actors

  • The role of a mobile payment provider is important:
  • Increasing interdependency of actors
  • Changes in business strategy of network actors

Theoretical contribution of the paper to IMP thinking is in: (i) application of IMP thinking and approach for analysis of implications that innovation has on business networks; (ii) trying to understand the effect that a new technology has on business networks using mobile payment services applied in retailing as an example; (iii) analysis of relationships between actors in the network, emphasizing the importance of the role of consumers for the success of the innovation.

Tatjana Apanasevic, “The Effect of Innovation on Business Networks”, The 30th IMP Conference 2014, 3-6 September 2014, Bordeaux, France

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