Wireless@kth and Jens Zander feature in Korean newspaper

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Last winter, Wireless@kth a visit from distinguished Korean journalist Young Wan Lee. The visit resulted in two newspaper articles in The Chosun Ilbo which can be found, with a summary/translation in English for each article, here:


A journalist from The Chosun Ilbo, a newspaper boasting the highest penetration in South Korea, visited Kista to learn about the reason behind the successful industry-university collaboration in this area. Wireless@kth was one of the places that Mr. Youngwan Lee covered during his visit. In this article, Claes Beckman, the director of Wireless@kth says “Kista is where global ICT companies sit together. They know Kista has right people to solve their problems, which make Kista thrive.”


KTH Royal Institute of Technology is one of the most well-known technological universities in Europe. The main campus of KTH is located at Stockholm city center, but the school of ICT is in Kista Science City. “University and industry are  in symbiosis”, Professor Jens Zander, the Dean of the school, says. He also says  “The school of ICT moved to Kista to conduct practical research and education necessary to the industry.”

Indeed, industry and university have close collaborations in Kista. For example, Wireless@kth is financed only one third of its budget from the government, and the rest is from the companies in Kista such as Ericsson. The Dean says “The university provides the industry with competent work forces. Curriculum design is in collaboration with relevant companies, and most of research projects are with the industry. It is quite often that the PhD-level researchers in companies advise Master students.”

Prof. Zander says “KTH is also a source of innovation.” Seamless support for start-ups is made through KTH, Electrum foundation in Kista, and Stockholm municipality. KTH helps R&D, and Electrum foundation and Stockholm support office spaces, marketing, and initial financing.  Venture capital takes it over later on.


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