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Postdoc in Future 5G mobile networks

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kth-squareTThe research area of the post-doc position(s) is beyond 5G mobile networks. The main challenge in these networks is scalability – affordable infrastructure solutions for both very high data rates and/or large number of simple IoT devices. To develop highly flexible solutions, machine learning and artificial intelligence are also important tools.  Examples of specifically challenging research topics are (1) developing future network architectures leveraging the benefits of softwarization and virtualization for cloud radio access networks (C-RAN); (2) Ultra-Dense Wireless Access Networks, providing capacities exceeding 1 Gbit/s/m2 and high speed Internet access to  large number of users onboard aircraft through Direct Air to Ground Communications for flying platforms and communication systems for mission critical applications with low latency and very high reliability and security. The position(s) are envisaged to focus on design and performance analysis for 5G network architectures for the above application areas.  The position is with the Radio Communication Systems Lab at the department of Communication Systems (CoS) at the KTH Kista Campus.

The position is with the Radio Communication Systems Lab at KTH Information and Communication Technology.

The positions are time limited:  one year contract with a possibility of extension with maximum one additional year, depending on funding availability.

Deadline for for application is Jan 31, 2018

Detailed information and link to the application site