An Introduction to SafeRadar Research – Iman Vakili

Friday Seminar
Date and time: May 18, 2018 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Place: EIT Digital Open Area, Floor 3, Elevator C, Electrum Kista
Speaker: Iman Vakili, Radar and Microwave Specialist, Safe Radar

SafeRadar Research is a radar system tool-chain design and consultancy startup Gothenburg, founded in 2015 in Gothenburg. The competence areas include 4D radar systems design from radar HW and SW development to sensor analysis and verification. The radar HW consists of a state-of-the-art antenna design to enable 4D detection capability which together with the advanced signal processing algorithms results in high resolution estimation of targets over a wide field-of-view. High level signal processing algorithms such as Extended Tracking and Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) are developed by SafeRadar to enable autonomous driving by providing accurate location data in real time. SafeRadar is also assisting OEMs, Tier1s, and other sensor system development firms with radar HW/SW design and verification projects. The main applications include autonomous driving (AD), advanced driving-assistance system (ADAS), gesture recognition, open-space surveillance and monitoring system, and medical application. SafeRadar has an active role in defining research projects and collaborations within research projects to realize innovative ideas and bring them into production.

 Iman Vakili acquired M.Sc. degree in Wireless communications in 2009 from the Dept. of Electrical and Information Technology at Lund University. In 2010 he joined the electromagnetic theory group as a research assistant to work on metamaterial design and scattering analysis. In 2011-2015 he worked as PhD candidate at Electromagnetics Theory group at Lund University towards 60 GHz time-domain radar design, scattering analysis, and high resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) algorithm development. In 2016, he joined the Dept. of Active Safety at Volvo Cars Corporation where he worked with radar research projects, radar packaging optimizations, virtual verification methods and radar analysis. He joined SafeRadar in 2018 to work with the next generation of radar system design as well as expanding SafeRadar’s activities in Stockholm.

Coffee and cake will be served, Registration not needed.

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