Beyond Atlas – Let’s explore space

Friday Seminar
Date and time: October 19, 2018 02:30 PM - 04:00 PM
Place: EIT Digital Open Area, Floor 3, Elevator C, Electrum Kista
Speaker: Per-Erik Atterwall, Space Enthusiast

“Space, the final frontier” Captain Picard once said, and he was probably right.
We want to explore that frontier. Explore the space around us, the Moon, the asteroids near us, perhaps even go as far as Mars.

We want to explore it with a spacecraft so cheap and reliable that we can afford to do it, not only the strongest space organisations on Earth.

We believe – as many others – that mankind needs to, wants to, go beyond Earth, go beyond Atlas.
Exploration is in our blood. We have hit the shoreline of space, and we – and others – are trying to find the ships to take us to sea again, out on the vast ocean of space.

Why not join us in the quest of space exploration – just for the sake of exploration itself.

To realise our vision we are building a small space craft going to the asteroid 2016 HO3. Before that, late next year, we will launch a test mission in LEO, testing critical techniologies. The test mission in it self is ground breaking.

I look forward to tell you the story/Per-Erik


Per-Erik Atterwall,

is a space enthusiast with a background in finance. After half a professional life as an entrepreneur and Investor, Per-Erik turned to his childhood passion: space. Together with fellow space enthusiasts they are designing and building the space crafts in his garage.


Coffee and cake will be served, Registration not required.

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Welcome! /Claes Beckman and Mats Nilson

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