Enabling broadband services in areas with poor telecoms infrastructure

Friday Seminar
Date and time: April 08, 2016 14.30 PM - 16.00 PM
Place: Wireless@kth/EIT Digital co-location centre, Electrum building, Floor 3, elevator C
Speaker: Anders Brantner

Forsway Scandinavia AB is a technical solutions provider offering platforms for broadband connectivity in markets where the telecom infrastructure is poor. By combining primarily existing satellite and mobile technologies, Forsway enables broadband services for homes, SME’s and governmental offices in areas where it otherwise would not be possible to achieve a broadband connection.

The opportunities and challenges related to this activity will be discussed, mainly by examples of scenarios in emerging markets, but also with high-lights from European countries, including Sweden.


A Brandtner

Anders Brandter

Global Sales & Marketing, Forsway Scandinavia AB




Anders Brandter, responsible for Global Sales & Marketing, has 25 years of international experience in ICT, having worked in sales, marketing, business development, product management and customer project management. Starting out in Ericsson in Sweden, Anders has over the years worked within fixed and mobile communications, MVAS, customer services, software development and satellite in multinational corporations and start-ups.

Anders has a Masters Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.

To attend the seminar through Adobe Connect follow this link at starting time:


Coffee and sweets will be served!

Most Welcome!

Seminar slides here: Forsway Wireless@kth v1.0

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