CANCELLED!! EVAM System™ – Better safety in traffic due to smarter communication

Friday Seminar
Date and time: March 24, 2017 14.30 - 16.00
Place: EIT Digital Open Area, Electrum Kista
Speaker: Team H&E Solutions

Last year 3 fire fighters in Sweden died when working at traffic accident sites, in Sweden alone there have been over 3958 traffic accidents related to road construction. If we could better the visibility and ability to communicate with motorists in the surroundings of the emergency vehicle, road construction site or similar we could save life’s and cost related to accidents and time lost in dense traffic.

To solve this, we developed EVAM ™. EVAM™ is a compact transmitter mounted locally in the emergency vehicle or stationary at strategic places. The system transmits a signal that is received by motorists in the close surroundings to alert the surrounding motorists of the approaching emergency vehicle by playing a warning message through the cars audio system. By using built in functions in the cars audio system EVAM™ guarantees that only motorists, the concerned, are made attentive. No receivers need to be installed.

H&E Solutions wants to improve road safety by conducting research and development of smart communication solutions in the field of V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communications. The solution consists of hardware and software and are today sold to emergency services and road maintenance providers. We strive to develop new innovative products for tomorrow’s technology in the automotive industry in the areas of V2V and V2X communication. Today we are a team of 5 all with connections to KTH and we are always looking for new people to strengthen our team.


This event is sadly CANCELLED.

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