Tinitell, Introducing A New Genre Of Mobile Phones

Friday Seminar
Date and time: September 05, 2014 14:30 - 16:00
Place: Wireless@kth and EIT ICT Labs co-location centre, Isafjordsgatan 26, Kista. Elevator C, floor 3
Speaker: Mats Horn, CEO Tinitell and Mårten Norman, CTO Tinitell

The first Wireless Friday seminar of fall 2014 will be about the interesting ICT start-up Tinitell!

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Mats Horn presents the story behind Tinitell and the successful Kickstarter funding.

Mårten Norman presents a technical overview of Tinitell and how the story turns into reality by combining existing technology from several disciplines.


Tinitell is a mobile phone for kids. It’s durable, water-resistant and designed in Sweden. Tinitell has one primary button to make calls with, and you manage it from a smartphone app. It can handle multiple contacts, and has a GPS for positioning. It’s a back to basics mobile phone for kids that like to play outside!

Tinitell was just successfully funded on Kickstarter and is on its way to production in China. The first batch will ship in April 2015. Tinitell is the reinvention of the walkie-talkie for the 2G cellular network, and kids is just the beginning. The elderly market and a variety of athletes are screaming for a simple mobile phone that is easy to use and carry. Our Y1 target is 50k sold units, and Y3 target is 500k sold units. Tinitell wants to become the world’s strongest brand in the wristphone segment of wearable tech.

Behind the simplicity of the Tinitell, there is technology pushing the limits of today and tomorrow:

– Long GPS/GSM operation powered by a battery small enough for the wrist.

– Antennas, audio and cooling in a small device.

– Advanced app and cloud services behind a simple user interface.

Bio speakers

CEO Mats Horn

Founder of Tinitell.

Previously Executive Assistant at Applied Value.

CTO Mårten Norman

10 years as 3GPP System and Product Designer.

10 years as HW designer in cellular and consumer internet products.



Tinitell’s wristphones for kids

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