KTNW meeting at Scanreco

Date and time: January 29, 2014 12:00 - 13:30

On Wednesday January 29 our network for small and medium sized enterprises, KTNW (Kista Technology Network Wireless), will have their first meeting of the year, visiting Scanreco. To learn more about KTNW, contact PG Andermo.

Program of the meeting “Remote Control – A safe step ahead”:


  • Mingel och lunch
  • Bengt Broman, VD och Katrin Ekvall, R&D chef, berättar om företaget och deras produkter. Vi gör en rundvandring i deras fabrikslokaler och får bla. se hur deras räckvidstest vid slutkontroll går till samt deras certifieringslabb.

The business idea of Scanreco is to develop, produce and market systems for radio remote control of cranes and machines, in order to effectively increase the use of our customer’s products.The products uses wireless technology and the aim is to make the usage of large machines easier and safer.

Since safety is fundamental, the products are designed for smooth handling of machines as well as secure radio transmission. All products have to be approved by the relevant type approval authorities in a country. For our products we can state that the future is wireless also by adding more sensors, intelligence and safety functions.

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