Municipal networks contribute to increased broadband coverage

Friday Seminar
Date and time: January 22, 2016 14.30 pm - 16.00 pm
Place: EIT Digital Open Area, Floor 3 Elevator C, Electrum
Speaker: Marco Forzati, Bengt Mölleryd and Crister Mattsson

The seminar will focus on a new OECD report: Development of High-speed Networks and the Role of Municipal Networks, which have been written by the presenters. The report examines experiences with municipal broadband networks in a number of countries including Australia, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Sweden, given its widespread use of municipal networks, is used as an anchor country for the analysis. Local governments, as well as their service providers and utilities, regard broadband networks as a way to build on their existing infrastructures in other areas such as energy provision, and improve community services in areas such as health and education. Public sector can be a lead user of municipal networks, such as in the provision of more cost efficient home care services for the elderly. In addition, mobile providers take advantage of municipal network’s fibre, for the essential backhaul facilities wireless networks require, bringing forward new investment in such networks.

The report says that broadband speed matters, and that the available evidence indicates that these networks and the broader use of ICTs around them generate positive benefits, contribute to economic growth, and make firms more productive. Broadband networks can also be a substitute for some types of transport for smarter cities and contribute to the creation of new jobs and firms. Overall, the report notes, municipal networks play a significant role in providing services for many people in OECD countries. As a result they are a viable and sometimes extremely effective way of supporting the objectives of local communities, addressing unmet demand and creating new opportunities for growth and prosperity in those communities, which otherwise would not be there.

Link to the report.

Speakers are Marco Forzati and Crister Mattsson from Acreo Swedish ICT, and Bengt G Mölleryd, PTS and guest researcher wireless@kth.

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Marco Forzati, Bengt Mölleryd and Crister Mattsson.

You can also attend the seminar through Adobe Connect.

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