Open Platforms for Internet-of-Things Businesses

Date and time: May 30, 2018 10:15 AM -
Place: Aula C (Sal Sven-Olof Öhrvik), Electrum, Kista, Kistagången 16
Speaker: Associate Professor Mark de Reuver, Delft University of Technology

Open Platforms for Internet-of-Things Businesses
Open platforms are producing huge economic and societal value by enabling third parties to develop value-adding applications. For instance, open platforms from Apple and Google created a whole new app economy worth over one trillion euros in annual revenues. Yet, in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) world, most platforms are still closed. For instance, most IoT platforms for smart homes offer services from one device provider only. Without open platforms, service providers cannot offer value-adding IoT applications. And without applications, IoT will soon become a fad, and fail to deliver its potential societal and economic value. Why businesses open up their platforms is an emerging research issue in information sciences. However, literature is fragmented and largely based on studying software platforms. IoT platforms are fundamentally different as they mediate between the digital world of apps and physical world of things. This digital-physical intertwinement raises novel openness risks relating to safety, privacy and competitiveness.

The presentation will present a research program for developing and testing theory on factors affecting openness of IoT platforms towards application providers, other platform providers and device providers. Application domains will include IoT for healthcare, energy management and smart cities. The program will lay the foundation for new research programs in the information (system) sciences on the emerging phenomenon of cyber-physical platforms, i.e. platforms with digital and physical components.

About  Mark de Reuver
Dr Mark de Reuver is Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology and Adjunct Associate Professor at Telecom Ecole de Management. He published 23 articles in ISI-journals including Journal of Information Technology, Information & Management, Technology Forecasting and Social Change, and Telecommunications Policy. He acquired over 4 million euros in research funding, and is co-coordinator for the H2020 project ENVISION. He is Associate Editor for Electronic Markets and Telematics & Informatics.

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