Study of Throughput and Latency of Millimeter-Wave Communications – Dr Ming Xiao

Friday Seminar
Date and time: September 14, 2018 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Place: EIT Digital Open Area, Floor 3, Elevator C, Electrum Kista
Speaker: Dr Ming Xiao, EECS, KTH

SEMINAR SLIDES HERE: wirelessKTH_talk_MingXiao20180914


GigaBPS high throughput and low latency are two critical quality-of-service (QoS) features in future wireless networks, which can be potentially enabled by the promising millimeter-wave (mm-wave) technology for its large available bandwidth. However, mm-wave signals have potential challenges in e.g., narrow beamform and high pathloss. In this work, we investigate the throughput and latency of mm-wave communications, and propose principles of system design for performance improvement:

  • For throughput, we restrict ourselves to a two-hop mm-wave system with an amplify-and-forward (AF) relay, where both half-duplex (HD) and full-duplex (FD) transmission schemes are considered. We investigate the impact of beamwidth and self-interference on the end-to-end throughput.
  • For latency, focusing on buffered mm-wave networks, we first investigate the latency performance of three schemes, namely traffic dispersion, network densification, and hybrid transmission, where upper bounds for the probabilistic latency are provided. In addition, considering a more complex network, i.e., a buffered multi-hop network with parallel channels per hop, we investigate the end-to-end latency of two traffic allocations schemes, namely, local allocation and global allocation, and we compare their gain (latency) and cost (computational complexity).


Speaker biography:

Ming Xiao received Ph.D degree  from Chalmers University of technology, Sweden in November 2007. Currently, he is an Associate Professor in the department of information science and engineering, school of electrical engineering and computer science, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden.  He has been an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (2018—), Transactions on Communications (2012–2017), IEEE Communications Letters (Senior Editor Since Jan. 2015). He was the lead Editor for IEEE JSAC Special issue on “Millimeter Wave Communications for future mobile networks” in 2017. He is also the editor for IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Special Issue “Low-latency communications for IoT” in 2018. He has published about 100 articles in top journals and about 100 papers in conference proceedings. He received multiple grants from EU (H2020, FP7), EIT ICT Labs, VR and STINT.

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