Super Coverage and Capacity, Nationwide, Open, Green Site Hotels for LTE and 5G

Friday Seminar
Date and time: November 25, 2016 14.30 PM - 16.00 PM
Place: EIT Digital Open Area, Electrum Kista
Speaker: Torbjörn Johnson

Globally 2,5 million telecom tower sites were built for GSM voice with 3 sector 18 dBi antennas for > -104 dBm indoor.

To deliver LTE full data rates and full spectrum efficiency requires -72 dBm, or 32 dB higher signal.  This is only possible with phased array antennas and a cascade of total site improvements including very few but stronger and higher towers with capacity for 18 sectors and all bands and operators incl. MIMO8.

Thereby obtaining dramatic techno-economic KPI’s to  deliver >20 Mbs to all countryside indoor customers. With capacity of 100 GB/mnth at site costs < $1,00 , being lower  than in most urban std base stations.


Torbjörn Johnson is a mobile base station pioneer and has designed hundreds of unique radio components, TRXes, Filters, Amplifiers, Antennas and total site system solutions, in several  founded Radio  Design companies.

Coffee and sweets will be served!

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