Thursday tea time talk: Views on ICT Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Europe

Date and time: March 12, 2015 16.00 - 17.30
Place: EIT ICT Labs Stockholm CLC, Isafjordsgatan 26, elevator C, floor 3, Electrum building, Kista
Speaker: Nicklas Lundblad

On March 12th we are happy to welcome Nicklas Lundblad to the EIT ICT Labs Stockholm CLC

Take this chance to listen to an inspiring lecturer with many thoughts and experiences from both European and American ICT industry, academia and policy making. Q&A and coffee/tea/cakes!


EIT ICT Labs Stockholm CLC, Isafjordsgatan 26, elevator C, floor 3, Electrum building, Kista


Thursday March 12th, 16.00-17.30, please register here (latest 10th) for catering and seating purposes. Link to registration:


Nicklas Lundblad is Senior Director, Public Policy & Government Relations for Europe & EU at Google and as of November 2014 also an adjunct professor in Innovation at KTH.

Nicklas Lundblad


Nicklas Lundblad is a Government affairs and public policy expert with global experience, passionate about policy as well as politics and about the role of business in society. He is a firm believer in open markets, free individuals and the long future. In addition, he is also a strong believer in mixing management with subject matter expertise, as well as mixing management with individual contributions.

“Looking at my career so far the pattern that emerges is one where I thrive in starting new projects, companies and building teams, as well as roles where I get to do deep dives on complex and interesting policy issues. With a background in philosophy, law and applied information technology there are few things that I don’t find fascinating and interesting. Writing is thinking, so whenever I get a chance I write – from columns to books over blog posts – and am better off for it.

As the head of our European public policy and government relations team I work on all the opportunities we see in Europe and the European Union, engaging with allies and building out our advocacy work as needed. With the amazing European policy team I also get to explore all aspects of what it means to be working in an ever closer union.

As adjunct professor at KTH I have the excellent opportunity to combine my academic research interests with the business experience I get from my work at Google. I get to write, teach and participate in research and projects that have to do with the amazing transformation of our societies, economies and cultures in the information age. It is really cool, actually.”

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