Wi-Fi Calling – a powerful customer retention tool

Friday Seminar
Date and time: April 17, 2015 14.30 pm - 16.00 pm
Place:  Wireless@kth/EIT ICT Labs co-location centre, Isafjordsgatan 26, Electrum building, Floor 3, elevator C
Speaker: Johan Terve

About the seminar:

Wi-Fi Calling service allows voice and messaging services over any Wi-Fi network. Next generation Wi-Fi Calling, with native support in modern smartphones, provides seamless transfer of calls between LTE and Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi Calling has become a powerful customer retention tool wherever there are coverage gaps or unfriendly roaming conditions.

In this session you will learn more about the benefits of next-generation Wi-Fi Calling and the critical components needed to deploy such a service. IMS is the foundation of next-generation Wi-Fi Calling. Another crucial component is the 3GPP AAA Server that authenticates and authorizes users and sets policies for the Wi-Fi Calling service. However, is it really enough to rely on a standard AAA function to deal with the complexity of an operator’s existing deployment?

Aptilo Networks, the leader in Wi-Fi service management, will share their experience in what it takes to get it all to work in real-world deployments.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Why should operators care about Wi-Fi?
  • What is next-generation Wi-Fi Calling?
  • What are the benefits of Wi-Fi Calling for mobile operators and their subscribers?
  • What about policies distributed over multiple sources?
  • What about non-SIM devices?
  • What about QoS in the Wi-Fi Network?
  • Turnkey solution or best-of-breed?
  • Call flows in next-generation Wi-Fi Calling

Johan Terve, Aptilo Networks

Johan Terve has more than 25 years of experience working in the IT industry, and spent the last 15 years in various CEO, VP and Director positions. Prior to Aptilo he served as VP Marketing & Sales at Ingate Systems and in that position he succeeded in putting the company on the map as a leading global player in SIP-capable firewalls and SIP trunking solutions for enterprise Voice-over-IP. As Marketing Director for Nordic Datadistribution, a $130M company, he was responsible for all business divisions and corporate marketing and helped this major IT equipment distributor become the fastest growing company in Sweden for four consecutive years. Johan started his career as a software developer and has a broad university-level education in business administration, psychology and economics.




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You may also attend the seminar through Adobe Connect.

Follow this link to attend the seminar: https://connect.sunet.se/wificalling/

See slides from the seminar Wi-Fi Calling – Slides

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