loggaOn January 15 2013 researchers from Ericsson AB, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Aalto University and Telecom Italia launched a new project – 5GrEEn, an activity within the EIT ICT Labs action line Networking Solutions for Future Media. The project team will focus on designing Green 5G Mobile networks, a clean slate solution for environmentally friendly mobile networks of the future for a “connected society”.

In 2020, mobile access networks are expected to experience a thousand-fold increase in traffic volume compared to 2010. This calls for a substantial deployment densification. The network will not only target human interaction but also virtually, anything connected following the “Internet-of-Things” vision.

Users will require ubiquitous services, provided by efficient mobile access networks and backhaul solutions. The obvious challenge is to provide this thousand-fold capacity increase to billion of devices at today’s energy consumption and operating cost levels.

– The development of this new generation systems, to be put in service during the next decade, has now started, says project leader Cicek Cavdar, KTH. Low energy performance needs to be taken into account when the standardization process takes off. The present approach suggests a new clean slate system architecture with a logical separation between the ability to establish availability of the network and the ability to provide functionality or service.

– Such architecture, referred to as 5G, will be studied in 5GrEEn, adds professor Jens Zander, KTH. The results originating from this project (e.g., standardization in 3GPP and ETSI, development of energy efficient backhauling solutions, energy efficiency assessment of current networks, energy-QoE tradeoff evaluation) will be applicable in 4G solutions, paving the way for the next generation networks.

KTH contact: Cicek Cavdar and Jens Zander
Duration: 2013 to 2014
KTH, AALTO University, Ericsson, Telecom Italia
Funding: EIT ICT Labs
More information: http://wireless.kth.se/5green/

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