AI4Green – EUREKA Celtic-Plus Artificial Intelligence for Green Networks

AI4Green integrates novel artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) Vinnovaalgorithms to current and future mobile networks for sustainability, scalability, agility, and autonomicity. 30% to 50% energy savings is expected in multiple domains of the network including not only the radio access segment but also the content delivery systems and cloud data centers.

In summary, the business target for the Swedish team is to integrate AI and ML in the mobile network infrastructure including cloud and content delivery resources to enable mobile operators to save energy and reduce cost while maintaining the mandated quality-of-service levels. Thus, mobile operators are the targeted first hand users or customers of the tools and intelligent systems developed in this project.

AI4Green is a three year cluster project organised by Eureka CelticPlus. Organisations from Sweden, France, Finland and Portugal are also part of the project. The main co-ordinator is Orange Labs, France. The Swedish consortium, co-funded by Vinnova, consists of a telecom operator (Tele2), a university (KTH), and three technology service provider SME’s (BI Nordic, Flexenclosure, and Canaima). This national AI4Green team will be co-ordinated by KTH, School of EECS, Kista, Stockholm.

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