EIT Digital High Impact Initiative: ACTIVE

ACTIVE – Advanced Connectivity Platform for Vertical Segments

The rapid evolution of communications technologies and the decreasing costs facilitates the connectivity for Internet of Things and Machines to Machines end-to-end over various networks e.g. cellular network. The current problem is that we have no generalized connectivity for this but vertical and silo-oriented solutions and platforms. This makes it costly to develop solutions as one needs to redo the whole communication and middle-ware each time a new application is developed, instead of focusing on the application itself.

The project is about creating a generic connectivity and middle-ware platform including security to support application developers for different segments without having to redo the whole stack. The market uptake of Internet of Things applications can thus be accelerated as developers can focus their efforts towards the application in the vertical segments. The platform will be applied and verified in the transport and health sectors; aircraft (and railway) to deliver mobile broadband services as well as support the management of transportation vehicles through sensor and capillary nets and similar for wearable and body sensors in the health area.

KTH contact: Cicek Cavdar
Duration: 2016-2018
Partners: Ericsson, KTH, Aalto University, Politecnico Milano, Tampere University of Technology, SICS, Aifloo, Bittium, Klunsys and Safemove.

Funding: EIT ICT Labs
Project website

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