5G Off Road – Coverage for Rural and Remote Enterprises

The 5G Off Road project targets professional rural users of mobile telecom systems. The beyond 4G generation issues are addressed as well as 2-4G aspects. The project has set the main goals to analyse actual remote coverage aspects, study and propose improvements of the existing services and to point at coverage efficient solutions to be pert the next generation systems in the 2020 perspective.

5G Off Road – Coverage for Rural and Remote Enterprises

At this moment, there is an ongoing debate in Sweden and also globally on the right to access mobile telephony and Internet. The high population penetrations of SIM-cards and wide spread of smart phones has further increased the demands to a “legal” right to achieve connection everywhere in the same pattern as for the since long well established USO  scheme for fixed telephony. The debate are often based on more or less emotional reports in media from users that are outside coverage or receive a poor quality of service. The proposed seed project aims in part to analyze the local statistics for sparse user density areas relevant for the forest and farmer enterprise community.


The seed proposal will address 3 problem areas:

1.            Non-coverage causes efficiency are thereby significant economical loss for the green enterprises, such as forest harvest and farming outside wireless connectivity. There are clear complaints on the non-coverage, but to our knowledge, the statistics are unknown in Sweden. In case of forest harvesting areas, is one out of ten areas out of coverage, or is it more or less?

2.            Coverage maps are also a focal point of complaints. Earlier experience shows for instance that the deep forest coverage may not fully meet up to the expectations from published coverage maps.

3.            The demands for increased capacity and coverage for business activities in remote areas are very clear. How can these be satisfied by future improvements of the present 2-4G systems and how shall systems beyond 4G be designed to take this into account.

Media coverage:

August 27, 2013: ATL – Lantbrukets Affärstidning (Swedish) ATL om 5G off road

August 30, 2013: ATL – Lantbrukets Affärstidning (Swedish)

Project manager: Mats Nilson, Wireless@kth
Call: SP1301
Duration: 2013-06-01 to
Funding: Wireless@kth and project partners (in kind)
Project Partners: Skogforsk/the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, LRF/Federation of Swedish Farmers, PTS, TeliaSonera, Ericsson, ASCOM Network Testing – TEMS, Smarteq
Project website: http://wireless.kth.se/5gor


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