A DTN/WSN infrastructure for data distribution and environmental monitoring in communication challenged areas

This project aims at tapping of data from isolated Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) using infrastructureless communication services such as Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN. The target scenarios are remote sensor networks located in isolated areas with very limited possibilities for communication with the surrounding world.

The project has three main objectives: The first is to investigate infrastructure support to Figure_sjodinmake such remote sensor data available in an “always on” manner across links with very limited capabilities. The second objective is to investigate sensor platforms that are energy-efficient and based on open architectures that are flexible enough to support a wide range of different sensor applications. Finally, the third objective is to prepare for a subsequent project at a larger scale and with the involvement of partners from industry. The project builds upon our previous work in the Bytewalla project with Android-based DTN “mules” and platforms for DTN Bundle routers.o investigate infrastructure support to make such remote sensor data available in an “always on” manner across links with

Project manager: Peter Sjödin
Call: SP1201
Duration: 2013-04 to 2014-04-01
Funding: Wireless@kth

Download Final report FinalReport-DTN-WSN (2)

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