– a novel vision-responsive information delivery and display optimization system




Executive Summary

The provision of ultra high definition content offers the unique opportunity to deliver  unprecedented visual experiences and engagement to end users. However the wireless provision of such data intensive services is threatened by both system costs and performances required to meet the significant increase in bandwidth requirements.

In order to provide a truly disruptive and scalable solution, this proposal will explore a novel approach to information delivery and display optimization based on real-time information about the end users’ eye gaze.

Exploiting this information in data compression and streaming algorithms has the potential to limit the need for high resolution to only a small portion of the user screen, effectively reducing the overall bandwidth requirements and associated system costs, without impacting the Quality of Experience.

This project will implement and explore several embodiments of a novel vision-responsive information delivery and display optimization system and will obtain performance data in experimentation with real users. The definition of a platform, designed for opening this real-time information to various services, will also be a tangible result of this project.

Fulfilling Wireless@KTH vision

This seed project is fully aligned with the objectives of Wireless@KTH’s strategic researcharea called “Mobile Services for unprecedented User Experience”.  By exploiting extensive knowledge of user preferences and needs, which in this case is represented for the first time by real time eye gaze information, this project will evaluate a novel disruptive service provision paradigm capable of delivering order of magnitude increase in QoE without proportionally increasing the amount of invested resources (bandwidth and energy).

A key component of the project goals is the constitution, around this innovative concept, of a consortium of industrial actors, which will form the basis for major research initiative at European and Swedish level.

Furthermore, by designing a platform opening real time information on user vision, the project will create opportunities for a wider application of its key findings to different service areas, with particular focus on gaming and augmented reality. In these alternative areas of applications, apart from the bandwidth cost savings, significant benefits are also anticipated by the possible reduction in required processing capabilities and by enabling improved user-centered rendering mechanisms.

Project manager: Pietro Lungaro
Call: 1501
Duration: 2015-09 and ongoing
Funding: Wireless@kth and project partners (in kind)
Project website: https://wireless.kth.se/eyedo/

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