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Mobile payment services have been used many years in developing countries where the mobile operators provide financial services based on the mobile phone subscriptions and money loaded onto pre-paid accounts. The Mobile operators provide financial services to the majority of the population that in these regions normally do not have credit card or bank accounts. Mobile operators are key actors for providing these payment and banking services to the “unbanked”.

The situation is totally different in Europe and the US etc where most people do have bank and credit card accounts. Here mobile payments do not play an equally important role as in many developing countries and the mobile operators usually have a weak position when it comes to mobile payment services. The small project will address the slow uptake for mobile payment services in countries like Sweden and especially the low level of involvement of mobile operators. The main questions to address in the projects are:

  • Which roles may banks and MNOs play in the business landscape that will be created around mobile payments?
  • Which strategic decisions will banks and MNOs meet in relation to mobile payments?
  • How will mobile payments affect customer relationship management and customer interaction opportunities for MNOs, banks and the retail sector?
  • How do consumers view mobile payments as such and its potential as a new channel for suppliers of consumer goods and services?
  • Which implications will this have for MNOs?

The contribution in the small project is to see beyond and beside the traditional business logic of mobile operators including single operator offers, secure element solutions based on SIM cards only, vertically integrated value chains and pure business-to-consumer approaches. Many business opportunities can be identified if mobile operators understand that payments and ticketing services support other types of (non-telecom) services and the relations between “other” businesses and the their customers.

Project manager: Jan Markendahl, Wireless@kth
Call: SP1101
Funding: Wireless@kth and project partners (in kind)
Project Partners: PayEx and KTH center for bank and finance (CEFIN)
Project website:

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