MUTANT: Multi-Tenant Access control with NFC Tokens

The MUTANT project is a pre-study of real life NFC services in a small scale, including technical, security, service, usability and business model aspects. The project will focus on NFC access control services in a controlled environment with real users; staff, students and visitors at EIT ICT labs and at Wireless@kth in Kista.







The project partners are the provider of NFC access control systems Telcred and the TSM company MeaWallet. The project will provide insights for future development of multi-tenant access control, use of NFC with different SE solutions in mobile phones and also implications for wider adoption of NFC services in other areas.

Project manager: Jan Markendahl
Call: SP1301
Duration: 2013-09-26 to
Funding: Wireless@kth
Project partners: Telcred and MeaWallet
Project website:

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