Performance Evaluation of Antenna Based SON

Self Organizing Networks (SON) is a set of solutions developed to automate the configuration, optimization and healing of a wireless network. Today SON uses a number of radio network and configuration parameters to optimize a wireless network but the use of antenna tilt is still under study.

Antenna tilt is acknowledged as one of the most impactful coverage shaping optimization parameter for wireless optimization. The idea of automatic optimization of the networks using antenna tilt has been discussed since the late 90-ties with the introduction and standardization of Remote Electrical Tilt, RET.


However, even though tilt based optimization processes have been studied and evaluated in the academic literature for both manual and automated implementation, we are yet to see its implementation in live networks and inclusion into the 3GPP standards. A reason for this lack of acceptance from the industry for this technology is that it still needs to be proven in a realistic simulation or live network. It is the ambition of this project proposal to fill the first part of that void.

Project manager: Claes Beckman, Wireless@kth
Call: SP1102
Partners: Reverb networks, Tele2
Duration: 2012-01-01 to 2013-03-08
Funding: Wireless@kth

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