Trusted Service Management for a Multitude of Multitudes – TSM MoM

Mobile payment services and “mobile wallet” applications based on Near Field Technology (NFC) has been discussed for some years. The combined service and business development involves a number of challenges related to cross-industry communication and creation of new business roles and collaboration between companies.  Business and cooperation models are important, especially when new services involve companies, sectors and industries that previously have not been involved or engaged in each other businesses or sectors.

The need for new intermediary roles and actors has been identified for a long time. A number of pilot projects have been conducted with third party actors taking the role as trusted service manager (TSM). In these trials the actor taking the TSM role is part of a constellation usually involving one mobile network operator, one bank or credit card company, one service provider or a few merchants. These types of trials very well demonstrate the technical feasibility of the service and the value for end-users. 1101_TSM_Mom_logga

However, the business feasibility of the services of these trials is more difficult to determine. In “real life” multiple service providers in the same business would need to be included, and service providers of multiple sectors and types of services need to be included. The NFC based service(s) would also need to be offered to customers of all operators, and, in the case of financial transactions, to customers of many banks and credit card companies. Hence, the “real life” business environment of an actor taking a TSM role consists of a “multitude of multitudes”, or even many “multitude of multitudes”.

The project will identify drivers and anti-drivers for the establishment of TSM actors in the market for mobile payment and contactless services. In addition, candidate roles and value networks that will enable a service provisioning at market with a “multitude of multitudes” will be proposed as a result of the studies.

Project manager: Jan Markendahl, KTH
Call: SP1101
Duration: 2011-09-01 to 2012-10-19
Partners:  Giesecke & DevrientStockholm School of Economics
Funding: Wireless@kth
Project website: http://wireless.kth.se/TSM_MoM/

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