Wireless researcher Andrés Laya is one of the project members involved in the recently started research project M2MRISE. We talked to him about this exciting new undertaking:

What is this new project about?


Researchers Andrés Laya, Jan Markendahl and Vlad-Ioan Bratu, based in KTH Kista, Wireless@kth

The M2M RISE project is all about bringing the vision of a “network-society” closer to reality. We have been working in understanding the challenges in connecting everything, from streetlights to appliances and we want to work on better ways to connect and take advantage of the information that can be obtained.

We want to go further in understanding the technical implications, since is it fundamentally different to connect computers and smartphones than to connect sensors, appliances and alarm systems, just to give some examples. Us humans are used to download heavy data, including pictures and videos. But this is not the case for machine-to-machine communications, where status data, measurements and alarms are the things to transmit.

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