Efficient content storage and dissemination in heterogeneous wireless networks

MingX projIn the project, we shall investigate how network coding can increase the reliability and flexibility, and decrease network traffic and delay of distributed storage and content dissemination in heterogeneous mobile networks, where user terminals have limited storage space and bandwidth. Through the Deviceto-device and cloud storage technology, the efficiency of media storage and dissemination can be significantly increased. The network coding can allow the maximum (capacity-achieving) flow, flexibility and security. This project studies how the wireless environments affecting the network storage  and transmission with network coding. That is, the topology of networks is more heterogeneous and dynamic. The cost (economic cost, capacity) of each transmission link may be different. The storage space of caching nodes may be various too. We also investigate how the delay will be improved by network coding. The channels of the networks are unreliable. The delay and bandwidth for certain specific application will be considered. Different cooperative approaches among sources, caching node and ending users will be investigated. For instance, machine-to-machine communications will be allowed to further reduce the delay. We shall study the efficient network coding scheme for such scenario. The results of the project are expected to increase the transmission and storage efficiency of wireless networks.

Project Leader: Ming Xiao, KTH/EES

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