Panelist: Tomas Edler, Huawei

Tomas Edler

Tomas Edler, Huawei

The 5G traffic avalanche impact on Energy Consumption

Tomas Edler joined Huawei Technologies Sweden in 2008 as Senior Expert in Energy Efficiency, targeting Requirements, Architectures and Technologies for Energy Efficiency. He is participating in Energy Efficiency ETSI EE and ITU standards for Base stations and RAN Energy Efficiency. He has more than 20 years of industry experience in Energy Systems, Microwave and Telecom, with many years of R&D experience of 2G 3G Radio Base Stations, Power Systems, Energy Efficiency management and Wireless standardization 2-4G from his previous position at Ericsson, as well as microwave and power system experience from previous position at Philips. He holds a M. Sc. in Electronics Engineering from KTH, Stockholm.