Kista Technology Network – Wireless (KTNW)


As part of the Wireless@kth aim to be a meeting place for the wireless world, the networking group KTNW was initiated 2012. Leading technical representatives for more than ten SME companies with wireless products meets regularly for a networking lunch. During the focussed 90 minutes session, the group is networking and listen to a presentation about a topic or about the company hosting the meeting.

Some of the objectives for the networking group are:


  • An opportunity for technical managers to meet other small wireless related companies and learn from each other.

  • Exchange ideas and experience about technology, certification, production etc.

  • Increase personal network that can enable deeper cooperation in sharing resources or finding business opportunities.

The KTNW network is organised by Wireless@kth with support from Vinnova. PG Andermo is engaged as facilitator for the network meetings and works tightly with Mats Nilson from Wireless@kth.

We are welcoming more companies into KTNW:


  • Are you representing a SME in the wireless industry?

  • Do you want to meet other companies to increase your competitiveness?

  • Are you willing to spend time on a lunch 4-6 times per year and also host a meeting?

Please contact us for more information:


PG Andermo, Sollergren Consulting AB,

Mats Nilson, Wireless@kth,


KTNW meeting at Microdata on October 23, 2014

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