Seed (small) projects

The center will each year issue two calls for proposals, with submission deadlines in January and in May. The number of project will depend of the amount of funding available. During 2010, funding of 5-6 projects is envisaged to a total amount of 2400 KSEK, where the Wireless@KTH contribution does not exceed 500 KSEK for each project. Projects spanning over several years can also be considered. Projects proposed (but not funded) in previous call, are not automatically considered, but can be resubmitted.

Call 10/01 Submission deadline10-04-26 (Decided)

Call 10/02 Submission deadline10-11-15 (Decided)

Call 11/01 Submission deadline 11-05-16 (Decided)

Call 11/02 Submission deadline 11-11-21 (Decided)

Call 12/01 Submission deadline 12-04-30 (Decided)

Call 12/02 Submssion deadline 12-11-19 (Call for proposals)

The applications should be short and not exceed 3-4 A4 pages outlining the project scope, objectives and how these relate to the research program. Further, the research approach, staffing (incl. GST doctoral students, if any) and intended financing should be addressed. During the evaluation process, additional information may be requested from some of the proposers.

Checklist for proposers (revised 121016) 

General conditions for funding [revised 120401]

Applications should be addressed to

Wireless@KTH Program Council
attn: Jenny Minnema (minnema at

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