Focus areas

Wireless Systems for the Tera age.

justgreen_subpage_680_280The research program of the center aims at producing strategic research results regarding the architecture and key technical of future wireless systems. The focus is on wireless systems and services with a widespread demand, abundantly available, simple to purchase and access, and affordable to large numbers of consumers.

Research in the center has to address issues in a time frame where precompetitive research cooperation between the center partners is possible. The center employs a vision driven research model to create coherence across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The center focus will be on system aspects of wireless, mobile system in the following key areas:

Infrastructure for Mobile Services

This is already a strong area of the Wireless@kth consortium with several ongoing projects and involves:

  • Performance, End-user/Operator value (cost & business aspects) of Infrastructure
  • Resource Management in Wireless Networks
  • Wireless/Mobility & Performance aspects of new Internet Architectures
  • Deployment & Management of Infrastructure for Mobile Services
  • Technology for new Business Models

Systems for Mobile Services

This research area is of growing importance. Wireless@kth will leverage the expansion of this area at KTH/ICT and in the surrounding institutes. The objective is to be world leading in bridging the technology gap between service design and commercial deployment. Research areas involve:

  • Deployment & Management of services
  • Service Platforms
  • Security & Integrity
  • Performance & Business Aspects

Networked M2M:  Things that communicate – the next billion connections

This research area is new to Wireless@kth. It is of growing importance, but has so far had little impact on the design of mobile infrastructures. Most Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications have been designed using special purpose (“adhoc”) sensor network solutions. This is going to change in the next 10 years as M2M applications will be an important user of communication infrastructures. Infrastructure based M2M applications is the niche targeted by the center. Research areas involve:

  • Deployment & Management of M2M services
  • Low cost platforms for M2M services
  • Reliability, Security & Integrity
  • Performance & Business Aspects

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